How to Fish in Valheim

Once you have cast the line out with bait attached fish will occasionally swim by and bite at the line. When you see a fish come and bite the line now is your chance to hook it! If you right-click while a fish is feeding on the line you will hook the fish can can begin trying to reel it in. If you have successfully timed the right-click as to when the fish took a bite you will see the message ‘fish hooked’ on the screen.

Valheim – How to Level Up Skills/A Guide to All Skills

This guide will look at all of the skills available in the current version of Valheim. There will be general information on how to level up each skill, along with some tips to help you level up the skills. As Valheim is in early access the game is subject to change and these changes may affect the information that is found in this guide. Every effort will be made to keep this guide up to date with the latest tricks and tactics to levelling up skill in Valheim.

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How to Unlock the Camera in Valheim

Today we are going to teach you how to take beautiful screenshots and thumbnail images in Valheim. Many players haven’t realized that the camera can be unlocked and that you can have a free-flying camera which can go wherever you want. This is going to be helpful for those wanting to show off a video tour of their base, get a birds-eye shot of their village or even take great images to use as thumbnails for YouTube videos. Valheim creators, stay tuned!

frequently asked questions for valheim

Answering Valheim’s Frequently Asked Questions

If you can see any errors, misconceptions or mistakes written in the post please either leave a comment down below or send me a message however you can. Without further ado, let’s crack on with Valheim’s most commonly asked questions.

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How to Backstab in Valheim – Backstab Explained

When you check the stats for a weapon in Valheim, you can see what type of damages it can do and how much damage the weapon can do. You will also see that there is a backstab number which shows a multiplyer upon a successful backstab. This multiplier will affect the original damage that was going to be done with the hit x the multiplier. For example, if I was to strike an unsuspecting enemy with my sword which does 50 damage and the backstab multiplier is 200% then I will do 100 damage to the enemy.

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List of Emotes and Chat Commands – Valheim

Valheim, being a multiplayer game has a few different mechanics in place for players to interact with one-another whilst in the same server. There is currently a text based chat and some emotes that the player can use to communicate with others.

How to Advance and Progress in Valheim

The main goal of Valheim ties directly in to the way you will progress in the game. Your goal is to defeat Odin’s greatest enemies, known as the forsaken. These can also be called the ‘bosses’ of Valheim. Before being able to advance to the next tier of equipment and unlock new materials, you will generally have to defeat the next forsaken.

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How to Anchor Your Boat in Valheim

Today we are going to be running through some of the methods you can use to keep your boat from ‘running’ away from you in Valheim. With the lack of a real anchor feature or mechanism you will have to get rather creative if you want to keep your boat in one place. Luckily we have a few tips for you so you will never lose a boat again!

A Guide to the Valheim Ashlands

The Ashlands are another biome that is in the current version of Valheim’s early access. A biome is an area such as the meadows area, mountains or plains. Ashlands is a large area with black ground and appears to be relatively flat. Although the ground is black and resembles coal, upon using a pickaxe to break up the ground the player will still find regular stone as with the other biomes earth.

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20 Must-Know Tips and Tricks For Valheim

Cutting down trees is probably going to be one of the first things you do in Valheim. You will need wood for just about everything including crafting weapons, boats and of course building yourself a nice shelter to stay out of the rain. One mechanic players are having a lot of fun with it the fact that falling trees can and will do damage. When you cut down a tree in the game it will fall. Falling trees can kill.