A Guide to Events – Valheim

Skeleton surprise is another event that can take place randomly in the world of Valheim. Once the player has defeated Bonemass they may be randomly attacked by a large group of skeletons

Valheim – How To Level The Ground

There are a few different other tricks that the player can do with other tools to get the ground perfectly flat in Valheim. By using any type of pick with the hoe, the player can get a very flat surface.

Why You Should Be Excited For Action RPG Kitaria Fables!

What do you get when you cross a casual farming simulator with a action RPG adventure with cat characters thrown in the mix? Kitaria Fables, that’s what! If you’ve not heard about the development of this adorable, cat-inspired RPG I’m here to give my overall impression on the game and give you an idea of what to expect with the game.

A Guide to Every Valheim Vegvisir

This is going to be a guide covering the many vegvisir that can be found in Valheim. We will not only go through all the different Vegvisir that can be found in the game, but talk about what they are and how they can be used in order to track down the forsaken across the … Read more

Valheim Cheat – Noclip

Noclip is a popular term in videogames for a cheat that allows the player to fly and go though walls without taking any damage. Whilst there is no cheat command called noclip in Valheim, the player can use cheats to fly around and have themselves take no damage.

smelt black metal scrap

How to Melt Black Metal Scrap – Valheim

There are no crafting recipes in the game which currently use black metal scrap at all. The only thing that this resource is good for is being processed into usable black metal. Think of black metal scrap as the ore version of black metal, much like copper or tin ore.

how to learn recipes in valheim banner image

How to Learn Recipes in Valheim – Valheim Tech Tree

The crafting system works like this: Every time you have all of the required items for a recipe, you will learn how to craft it. For example before you learn the recipe for the Finewood bow, (which costs 10 Fine Wood and 10 Core wood and 2 Deer Hide to craft), you will have to have picked up at least 1 Fine wood, 1 core wood and 1 deer hide.

Valheim – How to Lock Doors and Chests

To lock your doors and protect your Valheim base you will need to build an object known as a ward. This ward will lock all doors that the player has placed within a certain radius.

How to Heal Pet Wolves in Valheim

To heal one of your wolves when they get injured, simply throw down a piece of raw meat or neck tails near them. Once the wolf gets hungry, they will seek out this raw meat and upon consuming it, recover 20 hit points of health.