How to Build a Roof in Going Medieval

Going Medieval’s early access launch is finally upon us. Players are now able to get straight into this colony builder set in the medieval times. One of the most important parts about Going Medieval is the building. Creating shelter and a place to call home for your colonists is very important at the start. The … Read more

a woman cooking a meal at a campfire in Going Medieval

How to Cook Food in Going Medieval

In colony simulation game going Medieval you are in charge of a new colony! How you play the game will decide whether you colony thrives or fizzles out early. The most important part of a colony is your colonists! This means you will have to take care of them. Each colonist has needs. You will … Read more

The Best Project Zomboid Base/Starting Locations

Project Zomboid is a difficult game. Even at the start of the game you are greeted with the message, “this is how your died”. This really sets the scene for the whole game. In Project Zomboid, finding a place to lay low can be important. As there are many mechanics including rest and weather effects, … Read more

4 Ways to Get Chemfuel in Rimworld

Chemfuel is a one of the resources that the player can obtain for their colony in Rimworld. In a game where there is a huge amount of materials and items at play it can all get a bit confusing. This guide will tell you ways on how you can obtain chemfuel and that it can … Read more

How to Build a Refrigerator/Freezer in Rimworld

Rimworld is a story-generator/colony creation game. In order to build a thriving colony you will have to survive some rather trivial struggles. Along with random events you will have to survive basic problems as well. One of the most important parts of Rimworld is keeping your colonists fed. A well fed colony is a happy … Read more

Where to Find an Innki in Temtem

Eventually in your journey you will reach a quest called Intrigue. During this quest you are tasked with talking to the High Priest in order to get over a bridge. To prove that you want to go on an honest pilgrimage over to this area, the High Priest tasks the player with catching and bring … Read more

Rimworld Muscle Parasites and How to Fix It

Rimworld is a colony based story generator. In this game anything can (and will) happen. One of the main features is randomized events that effect your colony. These events can be good or bad, but most of the time are bad. One of these events is the Muscle Parasites event. This disease can plague any … Read more

How to Craft and Sell Drugs in Rimworld

This post may get my site flagged but here we are. Yes this is real. This is Rimworld. Ina a game where slavery, decapitation and pyromaniac mental breaks are all in a days work, you can expect drugs to enter the scene. Being one of the most tame parts of Rimworld, they can be grown … Read more

How to Get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has an extensive crafting system. not only can you build new things, you can pull apart an recycle items. One material you can get through recycling is Leather strips. These can then be used to reinforce you clothing. Leather strips can be a little difficult to find. This guide will tell you how … Read more